The travel continues

I made it! I am finally in Australia.
The last couple of days were quite interesting.
I arrived pretty late in Melbourne. At the airport I once again assembled my bike (I’m a pro right now ?). Then I started riding into the city. Wow, it was so nice, hardly any traffic. After about 20 km I  met my warmshower host Maggie. She and her housemate Rosie were really nice and I learned to be more afraid of jumping kangaroos than snakes. At least you see them coming more easily 😉 I spent one day looking around in the CBD, but then the road was calling and I left the next day. I had to do some shopping and surprisingly they have Aldi here, a German supermarket brand. It’s incredible, the stores look exactly like at home and the even have a lot of the same stock. German Haribos !!! It’s like going home for five minutes. The ride out of the city was easy. Melbourne is a very cyclist friendly city, so there are bike paths everywhere. In the evening I found a nice spot for camping in a small forest. Sadly it was freezing that night. Welcome to Australia in winter!
The morning was pretty cold of course, but around noon I saw the first kangaroos. Both alive and death. I visited Geelong, nice town and made it to the Great Ocean Road. Now I’m heading towards the 12 apostles.

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