The last big city before Darwin

When I arrived in Adelaide, the sun was shining and I felt great. The first stage of my tour was finished and you come into the city by riding down a 600m high hill, good fun. I had a look around the city centre. It’s weird to arrive after all this time in my own in a big city and being surrounded by thousands of people. A football game just ended and the town was flooded with fans and even more crowded. I already had a couchsurfing host for that evening. So I started cycling towards Steve’s house. He lives a bit outside and loves cycling as well. We agreed to meet halfway. Steve arrived on his light road bike – sometimes I really would like to leave all my heavy stuff behind and just ride as light as possible – and we cycled the last kilometres together. Steve is a really nice guy. He did some trekking in the Himalayas and even went to the Everest base camp on the Tibet side. He shared some of his great photos about the trip with me and I ended up staying for two days, preparing my trip through the outback. On the second day he gave me a tour around the city and we drove to Mount Lofty a peak in the Adelaide hills with a hell of a view. That evening we had a wonderful curry for dinner and planned my route to Port Augusta. I don’t want to take the main highway. That’s just annoying. Cars and especially trucks pass you all the time and you have no chance of seeing nice landscapes or meeting people. So I decided to ride north in a valley next to the motorway, going through Gwaler. It was the right decision. The road was nice and calm and there were plenty of free campsites around. The only downside was, I had to go over the Horrocks pass to reach Port Augusta. It turned out, the pass was only 500 m high and you started climbing from about 350 m. So, it wasn’t that bad  ?
In Port Augusta I stayed at a campground, because I really needed a shower and there was a storm at night. I bought some groceries, said goodbye the sea (I will see it the next time, when I arrive in Darwin, about 3.000 km away) and entered the Stuart Highway.
While I was riding out of Port Augusta I passed a sign, telling it’s only 1.227 km to Alice Springs. “Won’t make it there today” I thought and started pedalling into my adventure.

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