Coober Pedy

The city under the earth. The small town is about 500 km north of Port Augusta. Its in the middle of the desert and is famous for its Opal mining business. Most of the white opals found worldwide come from this area. In the summer it gets so hot, that the locals decided to move into their mines, where it’s about 22°C all year round. For me Coober Pedy was the first stage in the outback and the first bigger town to restock food. Of course I had to sleep in one of the underground houses(?), so I booked a bed in the lovely backpackers. Then I had a look around town, visited the underground church and several lookout points. It’s amazing, as far as you can see there are mines and small dirt hills.

I slept good that night and was eager to continue pedalling the next morning. From now on it becomes very lonely and remote again. There is no mobile reception for the next 400 km and only a couple of small road houses.

But it turned out to be amazing. After  a long day of cycling, I either pitched my tent somewhere in the bush, lit a fire, cooked on the same one and watched the stars. Or I pulled up at the rest areas, met some nice people and lit the fire there.It is such a simple life and that’s really nice. The landscape is quite boring, there isn’t much to see at all, so I listen to music or think about random nonsense and keep pedalling towards the Northern Territory. 

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