It costs 25$. 25$ one pays to see a huge rock, in the middle of the desert, which somehow became famous.

Don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing site. I cycled around it and from every side the mountain looks different. And I saw it at sunrise and sunset as well. Stunning!!! But nevertheless it is the most famous tourist attraction out here and therefore  heaps are coming and everything is expensive, even the entry fee for the National park. 

I again succeeded in escaping the masses of tourists around here by camping outside the resort ( small town  or huge hotel?). In the morning I saw the sunrise, had a good breakfast and paid the NP fee. I went to the sunset lookout point (nobody was there !) and still had a fabulous view, while all the busses went by. I circumvented Uluru  on my bike, I earned that! So beautiful. After having lunch in the shade of the rock I started pedalling again in late afternoon, to go 50km further to the Kata Tjutas (the Olgas). I arrived there just in time for the sunset. Nobody was there again, because all other people left earlier to be able to leave the park before its closing at 7.30 pm. But I had different plans. I went on the dirt road, starting at the Olgas and eventually ending after 1.200 very lonely kilometres in Perth, cycled a couple of kilometres and pitched my tent in the bush.

The next day I was able to stand up relatively early and see the sunrise as well. Quite nice 😉 There are a couple of walks near the Olgas and because I had plenty of time I did all of them. Then I cycled back again, said goodbye to Ulruru and headed for the Stuart Highway, about 260 km  away – Yes, I had to cycle about 600 km extra to see Ulruru and Olgas – it was definitely worth it ! 

That night I met a couple of Germans and Japaneses on one of the rest areas. I pitched my tent overlooking Ulruru in the distance and we had a nice BBQ. Sadly it began to rain that night and the next day Ulruru was covered in thick grey clouds 🙁 I started cycling and discovered I had headwind 🙁 

In the end it took me four hard days going from Ulruru back to Stuart Highway. The same way towards Ulruru only took me two …


  1. Go Brother well done. 2 weeks and I’m in Germany!

    • Great! Nice to hear, enjoy!

  2. Great to hear you are going well, those cross and head winds can be hell. Enjoy the outback and all that goes with it.

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