Sleep. Eat. Cycle. Repeat. 

As you can probably tell from the headline, not much happens while cycling through the outback. That’s why I didn’t maintain the blog proberly 😉

So, after I left Uluru and made it back to the Stuart Highway in four days, I still had a fair way to go to Alice Springs, the biggest town in Central Australia. There I stayed with Ben. He was very nice and already did some bike touring in Asia, especially in Vietnam. We went to Simpsons gap and later took very nice pictures from the milky way (photo: see last post). Then one night we had kangaroo for dinner and watched the Tour de France. Ben’s neighbours Laurie and Andrea are long distance cyclists as well and even pedalled in Germany. I really enjoyed my time in Alice Springs and left after two days. Thanks once again !

For the next 500 km very little happened, I had a couple of days headwind and it became hotter every day. I met Christian, a Swiss guy, who is walking from Darwin to Adelaide, pushing a shopping trolley with the food and gear all the way. That’s really impressive and probably even more boring than cycling the Stuart 😉

Some days later I met Willy from Ireland. He started the journey at his front porch and cycled all the way to here. He had some incredible stories to tell and after we were talking all morning long, we took off pretty late. He was going south and I continued north.

After a few great camping spots I came across the Devil’s Marples. They are right next to the Highway, which is very goodfor a tired cyclist. I had a look around and found a lot of interesting rocks and nice patterns. Definitely a good spot. Go there as well, if you are visiting the region !!!

And again after long mostly straight roads I came through Tennant Creek. The first bigger town since Alice and the first cheap possibility to restock. A bit outside the city you can find a reservoir, a small lake, created by a dam. It’s really pretty and reremind of Europe or even New Zealand. And they had free showers as well, it was like being in heaven 😉

I still covered a bit of ground that afternoon and luckily set up my camp underneath a roof at one of the rest areas, because it started raining that night. And it didn’t stop in the morning. But I still descided to go on, only to then into a campground 30 km further. It was a good decision, because I met Bruno there, a German cyclist I kept hearing about since days. The funny thing about the ‘road-radio’ is, that you get to know, who is cycling in front or behind you -for instance I had a couple of Japanese cyclists following me about one week behind – and furthermore you already get to know the person a bit. Bruno started his journey in Sydney and his plan is to go all the way home to Berlin. Therefore he had built himself a perfect bicycle. We spend the whole day in the dry kitchen drinking tea, while it was raining nonstop, and finally pitched the tents in a small shed, to keep them dry.

On the next day the weather was fine again and we descided to cycle to Katherine together. 

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